Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

This foundation first caught my eye a couple of years ago on a YouTube video by Lisa Eldridge. However I’ve only just got around to trying it after it was brought to my attention again via one of my favourite blogs, pearls and poodles. My normal holy grail foundation which ALWAYS welcomes me back with open arms – no matter how many times I ditch it in search of something better - is Clinique’s Anti blemish foundation (I may do a separate blog post on this as it really did work wonders for me.) However, funds were a little low and I needed something cheaper that wouldn’t upset my problematic skin. I found Dermablend was on offer for a very reasonable £11 in boots, sold!

Dermablend is a corrective foundation designed for those with “minor to severe skin flaws” and claims to tackle all complexion problems. I have to deal with an uneven skin tone, breakouts and the most annoying of all, redness (an ex boyfriend once nicknamed me Rudolph…sigh) so I was muchos excited to try this foundation. Basically, Dermablend does exactly what it says on the tin (or tube if you will) and I for one am very impressed. It evens out my skin tone beautifully, and tackles redness no problem. A little really does go a long way and for a full coverage foundation I don’t find it to be cakey in the slightest. I applied it to a friend last weekend and was equally as impressed with it on her as I was myself.
For a second opinion I asked my dad on his thoughts “your skin looks flawless and you have that trendy glow all the celebs have” thanks dad.

So there we go, if you too would like a trendy celeb glow, then this is the foundation for you.

I can’t say for sure this is the foundation that will drag me away from my beloved anti blemish for good, But it’s one of the closet contenders yet.

Amy x

(I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for my dodgy iphone photography, something I’ll sort out once I get into the swing of things I’m sure)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

"Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in"

Hello! Embarrassingly, I’ve attempted to do this twice before but I’ve always felt a little under confident and never really made a proper effort.
Well, I’m finally, FINALLY ready to get rid of my lurker status. I’m in dire need of a new hobby as I am currently writing this from Heartbreak HQ :( and goodness me who knew it felt this bad!? SO, with my playlist of feel good girl power songs on repeat, I’m ready to embrace the exciting new distraction of my very own blog.

A little update I’m 23, I’ve just moved back home to Essex and I’m currently trying to find my feet in the world. I get way more pleasure than necessary talking about tan, eyelashes, hair extensions, and anything else you can stick to yourself. I constantly overspend in Boots. My secret ambition is to train in beauty therapy. Spray tan anyone?

Third time lucky!

Amy x

Saturday, 30 June 2012

What i wore: Saturday night.

Working in a nightclub means I very very rarely get to go out on a Saturday night. So I was HUGELY excited when I managed to get last weekend off. After many different ‘’omgwhatareyougonnawear’’ type conversations this I what I went for.

I originally bought the white peplum Topshop top together with some faux leather shorts. As awesome as I thought the shorts looked, they were just too small. I knew they were too small when I squeezed myself into them in the changing room, I knew they were too small when I bought them, but they didn’t have my size in stock so I bought them with the ‘’maybe I’ll have lost weight by Saturday’’ attitude. I didn’t. Saturday afternoon came around and I tried the whole outfit on, my bumcheeks were hanging out. The shorts had to go :’(

Next plan was just to team it with some wet look leggings, but I stumbled across a much loved skirt I bought from H&M well over a year ago and decided on that instead. I hate not having my legs out on a night out!

I opted for a black studded bag from topshop which I took the strap off and used as a clutch. For me clutches are essential on a night out if I plan on making it home without losing anything, I’m the queen of losing my phone/makeup/ID. Last time I abandoned the safety of a clutch bag I lost my bank card, mare!

Zero accessories (bar my bag and modest par of studs) because i’ve been off bangles/bracelets/necklaces and the likes for a while now. I like keeping it simple and 'clutter free' if that makes sense?

Wedges are from Dorothy perkins, a modest height that a wear quite a lot because to be frank I am massive (around 5’10/11) So finding myself some lower height non ugly shoes is a challenge.

and naturally I’m wearing my trusty neverletmedown 145’s from Eylure. Last time I turned my back on those badboys they unstuck and a male friend had to peel them off in the club…

..stay classy.

Amy x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

An Introduction


A fair few years of lurking and ‘’I wish I could do that’’ and I’m finally turning my hand to blogging! So hello! And apologies for the lack of imagination regarding my username. I spent ages trying to think of something pretty, girly and memorable like Google suggested, but nope! Nothing came to mind/the ideas that did made me sound like an absolute penis.
My name is Amy, I’m 22, a student, a barmaid and I Google EVERYTHING. I live for nights out so I’m hoping to wack up many outfit of the night posts or OOTN (ha look at me getting in to the swing of things already)

Food and loo roll aside, my earnings is all (and very happily) spent on makeup, tan, hair, eyelashes and clothes which I could/do talk about for hours. Mainly with my housemate/official back tanner but as she’s leaving me for the big bad working world I’m going to need a new outlet. So thanks in advance ;)

Please be gentle with me!

Amy xx