Saturday, 30 June 2012

What i wore: Saturday night.

Working in a nightclub means I very very rarely get to go out on a Saturday night. So I was HUGELY excited when I managed to get last weekend off. After many different ‘’omgwhatareyougonnawear’’ type conversations this I what I went for.

I originally bought the white peplum Topshop top together with some faux leather shorts. As awesome as I thought the shorts looked, they were just too small. I knew they were too small when I squeezed myself into them in the changing room, I knew they were too small when I bought them, but they didn’t have my size in stock so I bought them with the ‘’maybe I’ll have lost weight by Saturday’’ attitude. I didn’t. Saturday afternoon came around and I tried the whole outfit on, my bumcheeks were hanging out. The shorts had to go :’(

Next plan was just to team it with some wet look leggings, but I stumbled across a much loved skirt I bought from H&M well over a year ago and decided on that instead. I hate not having my legs out on a night out!

I opted for a black studded bag from topshop which I took the strap off and used as a clutch. For me clutches are essential on a night out if I plan on making it home without losing anything, I’m the queen of losing my phone/makeup/ID. Last time I abandoned the safety of a clutch bag I lost my bank card, mare!

Zero accessories (bar my bag and modest par of studs) because i’ve been off bangles/bracelets/necklaces and the likes for a while now. I like keeping it simple and 'clutter free' if that makes sense?

Wedges are from Dorothy perkins, a modest height that a wear quite a lot because to be frank I am massive (around 5’10/11) So finding myself some lower height non ugly shoes is a challenge.

and naturally I’m wearing my trusty neverletmedown 145’s from Eylure. Last time I turned my back on those badboys they unstuck and a male friend had to peel them off in the club…

..stay classy.

Amy x


  1. You look gorgeous! Jealous!!..I totally do the buying smaller sizes in the hopes it will work..never does :( xx

  2. you look sooo cute :)
    I love this post!!

  3. I like this outfit, very pretty! Looking forward to seeing more posts! x

  4. OH MY!!! That studded clutch bag! Major love for it!
    That's such a nice simple outfits. Sometimes it's nice to not have to faff with a million and one additions to an already fab outfit. Though I'm such a horror for accessories because I always feel naked without them haha. I'm going to follow you to see what other outfits you post :) Nice blog lady xx