Thursday, 8 August 2013

"Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in"

Hello! Embarrassingly, I’ve attempted to do this twice before but I’ve always felt a little under confident and never really made a proper effort.
Well, I’m finally, FINALLY ready to get rid of my lurker status. I’m in dire need of a new hobby as I am currently writing this from Heartbreak HQ :( and goodness me who knew it felt this bad!? SO, with my playlist of feel good girl power songs on repeat, I’m ready to embrace the exciting new distraction of my very own blog.

A little update I’m 23, I’ve just moved back home to Essex and I’m currently trying to find my feet in the world. I get way more pleasure than necessary talking about tan, eyelashes, hair extensions, and anything else you can stick to yourself. I constantly overspend in Boots. My secret ambition is to train in beauty therapy. Spray tan anyone?

Third time lucky!

Amy x

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