Thursday, 28 June 2012

An Introduction


A fair few years of lurking and ‘’I wish I could do that’’ and I’m finally turning my hand to blogging! So hello! And apologies for the lack of imagination regarding my username. I spent ages trying to think of something pretty, girly and memorable like Google suggested, but nope! Nothing came to mind/the ideas that did made me sound like an absolute penis.
My name is Amy, I’m 22, a student, a barmaid and I Google EVERYTHING. I live for nights out so I’m hoping to wack up many outfit of the night posts or OOTN (ha look at me getting in to the swing of things already)

Food and loo roll aside, my earnings is all (and very happily) spent on makeup, tan, hair, eyelashes and clothes which I could/do talk about for hours. Mainly with my housemate/official back tanner but as she’s leaving me for the big bad working world I’m going to need a new outlet. So thanks in advance ;)

Please be gentle with me!

Amy xx

1 comment:

  1. I like the sound of your blog already. I wish my first post had sounded as witty as this.. haha :)